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Can parents learn to argue nicely with each other?


Frequent conflict is damaging to kids, but parents can learn to discuss contentious topics without damaging their relationship. Triple P helps you understand… read more

swans floating on lake - parents can argue nicely


Teenagers and the friendship factor (PART 2)


Teen Triple P author Dr Alan Ralph has some advice on helping shy or introverted kids to strike up conversations with potential friends. read more

two boys doing schoolwork in the library

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Why kids should take risks

It's natural for parents to want to protect their children. But taking risks can be good for a child's development. Find out why. read more


What parents say

Summer Saldivar, Sonoma County, U.S.A.

Summer Saldivar was worried people would judge her if she asked for parenting help. But she put aside her fears and is glad she did. Her son Ricardo is happier too!

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