Fast facts


  • More than 4 million! That's the estimated number of children and families who have been helped by Triple P so far.



  • Triple P is number 1 on the United Nations' ranking of parenting programmes (based on the body of evidence behind it).



  • Triple P doesn't tell you how to be a parent. It gives a choice of strategies you can adapt for all types of situations and problems.


  • Triple P has 17 strategies to help parents manage their child's behaviour.



  • "I'm so relieved I'm not the only one!" That's a common reaction from parents going to Triple P Seminars, Groups or Discussion Groups.



  • Triple P has been the focus of three television series, including the UK's high-rating "Driving Mum and Dad Mad".



  • Can't take your child shopping? Discussion Group Triple P is a two-hour session that will help make candy-aisle tantrums a thing of the past.



  • Having trouble getting your child to go to bed – and stay there? Discussion Group Triple P has a two-hour session that focuses on that very problem.