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Here is the latest in parenting news, views and local Triple P information – your online edition of Midlands Area lively new parenting newspaper, Tippaper.


Packed with Triple P tips to help make raising kids easier, Tippaper shines a light on local parents, who share the trials and tribulations of their own families. Plus, there are Triple P diary dates for free seminars, discussion groups and group sessions throughout the counties, along with Triple P updates and much more.

Tippaper No.7 – Positive Parenting, for every family

Autumn 2015

img-tippaper-digital.jpgIn this issue:

Five kids under 8 – how Triple P turned family life from bedlam into brilliant

Worried about your teenager? Teen Triple P is now available!

Take a break – little things can make a big difference

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Tippaper No.6 – Have a positive learning environment

Issued Autumn/Winter 2013

img-tippaper-imani.jpgIn this issue:

Help your child learn - a little bit of love can go a long way!

How routines saved the day for an exhausted Portarlington couple

Turning mealtime madness into delightful dinner times 



Tippaper No.5 – Have realistic expectations

Issued Autumn/Winter 2012

img-tippaper-roza.jpgIn this issue:

  • Want perfect kids? Why it’s too much to ask
  • Teaching toddlers new skills – our tips for making it easier
  • Mullingar parents ease the temper of a furious tot

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Tippaper No.4 – About discipline

Issued Summer/Autumn 2011

img-tippaper-baran.jpgIn this issue:

  • About discipline – stacks of simple strategies that will make the world of difference
  • Angel at home, devil at school? How parents can help settle classroom behaviour
  • Raising a child with a disability – local family tells of their Triple P success



Tippaper No.3 – Safe and interesting environment

Issued Spring 2011

img-tippaper-laurens.jpgIn this issue:

  • How to offer your children a save and interesting environment; 
  • Westmeath’s Concannon family share how they made Triple P work for them; 
  • How it works – Primary Care Triple P tackles parenting problems quickly and discreetly.



Tippaper No.2 – Take care of yourself!

Issued Winter 2010/2011

img-tippaper-luna.jpgIn this issue:

  • How to avoid a budget blowout and say ‘no’ to the kids this Christmas
  • Longford’s Donegan family share their parenting recipe for peace at dinner time
  • How it works – what to expect at Group Triple P sessions.



Tippaper No.1 – Seminars

Issued September, 2010

img-tippaper-kees.jpgIn the first issue of Tippaper:

  • What happens at the Triple P seminars?
  • The three common beliefs that make parenting tougher than it should be
  • What health workers love about Triple P