Watch what parents say

Small changes can make big differences to a family. See what these parents have to say about Triple P.


Dawn Turner, Herefordshire UK

She had no trouble with her first child, so Dawn Turner couldn't understand why her daughter Ruby was so demanding and argumentative. But with Triple P under her belt, Dawn's relationship with her daughter has "gone soaring".


Angharad Davies, Herefordshire UK

Single mother Angharad Davies was always exhausted by the time her daughter Cerys finally went to sleep at night. Cerys would scream and cry until midnight and throw all her furniture out of the room. Now, it's "goodnight" by 6pm.


Tammy Ellis, Herefordshire UK

With six kids in a two-bedroom house, Tammy and Shane Ellis’s life was chaotic. But why did the kids behave well for Shane and not Tammy? Luckily, Group Triple P helped turn things around.