Triple P Takes the guesswork out of parenting

When it comes to raising kids and teenagers, everyone has an opinion. There are so many ideas out there. So how do you know what’s best and what works? The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program takes the guesswork out of parenting. It is one of the few parenting programs in the world with evidence to show it works for most families.

Triple P gives parents simple tips to help manage the big and small problems of family life. Problems like toddler tantrums or teenage rebellion. Self-esteem issues. Bedtime battles. Disobedience. Aggression. Triple P can help you deal with them all – and more!

What is Triple P Online?

You probably never enjoyed school so don’t like the idea of parenting courses. Perhaps you’re too busy or live too far away or just can’t get away from the house and the kids to join a group parenting session or see a parenting worker in person. It could be that you’re just too shy.

Triple P Online is a web version of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program’s Level 4 program. It’s for parents (of children aged up to 12 years) who are having significant problems with their child’s behavior.